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Duchesse de Chevreuse

Save me, Superman

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I love my Wiffs. I'm between 20 and 25. I have a lot of hate and love in me. How much, you need to figure it out. I dislike my country. I love my maine coon cat girl. In men I love native american, mexican& kurdish. Dark, skinny and passionate. I collect My Little Pony's. I'm passionate with them. I hate people who make custons out of G1's - you have no idea how much. I love superman, even tho I do not read the comics. I prefer Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Fruits are love. Addicts: Football, Baby Phat, Egyptian history, Nefertete, - Twilight is my newest addict. I like painting and drawing. That's why I have Deviantart account.

Strong opinions. Violence. Sex.
Doesn't have much logic.

"I'm hotter than you" - Jacob Black


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